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Adel, GA Based Jordan Rowe Says “Thanks For Nothing” on New Single Out Today

Adel, GA based country singer-songwriter Jordan Rowe is back with a brand new tune out to his listeners today called “Thanks For Nothing”. The tune is a somber, reflective tune that sees Jordan looking back on the different aspects and places that are hard to find around his hometown, whether it be a local bar, bowling alley, or movie theatre. The only thing to pass the time is driving around, and having the comfort of music pplaying on the radio with the people you care about as you look for something to pass the time. Not having any of those little joints around town shows that you can still create shared experiences with others, whether it be gathering other pickup trucks and cracking open a cold beer as you bond with other people on the lookout for some good times and ways to kill the boredom. Jordan has really impressed me with his impeccable voice, and his method of weaving relatable storytelling through his music that allows him to reach out and connect with listeners that no other artist can duplicate on the same level. A slow burning track that will all make sense in the long run after you’ve finished listening to it.

You can check out “Thanks For Nothing” now up on all major streaming providers and for more on Jordan Rowe, give him a ‘Like’ on Facebook at this locale here, see his pics on Instagram at this spot here, and check out his official website at this perch here for all the latest show updates and what’s happening in his world.

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