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Allston Based Art Pop Outfit Acediac Releases New Single "Suffrage" Off Forthcoming EP

Based out of Allston comes the dynamic art pop sounds of Acediac, who has released her latest single just today titled "Suffrage". The song is the 2nd single from her forthcoming EP, and the song has a very dark edged sound to it with a bevy of electronic influences that contrast greatly, but when they're conjoined it makes the sound jump right off the musical page. Acediac is the brainchild of Miles Ragan, and has a very striking presence along with her majestically beautiful hair that allows her to capture the audience's attention right from the start. Miles voice is absolutely breathtaking, and allows her to traverse throughout the diverse musical landscape that runs amok throughout, and they do a brilliant job of articulating the musicality to the listener who might be a little confused at first, but will feel comfortable and at ease from repeated listens that make this track so alluring, eerie, and mysterious at the same time. A musical diamond in the rough that is definitely worthy of putting on the mantle and admiring for what it's worth.

To check out "Suffrage" for yourself, it's available on all major streaming carriers and for more on Acediac, please seek them out on her Instagram feed for photos, live vids, and a whole lot more.

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