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Allston Indie-Psych Combo Today Junior Prepping for 8/6 O'Brien's Show in Allston

Allston based indie-psych collective Today Junior are prepping for a big show right in their mothership on Friday 8/6 at O'Brien's in the heart of Allston Rock City. Also joining them on the bill will be The Furniture, Children of the Flaming Wheel, and Garden Party. Today Junior are no strangers to the site, and are practically family to me having known brothers Harry and Mike O'Toole for almost a decade now. Much like other bands during the pandemic, the brothers have been holed up in their practice space honing their craft and yearning to play a show again that will bring in the masses. And with O'Brien's in their hometown, it's the perfect opportunity to have a homecoming of sorts and reconnect with those that they haven't seen in over a year and a half. Their new single "Summer Heat" is definitely providing a respite from the warm weather we've been having, and it'll be a real treat to see that song and countless others performed live where their real magic and sheer beauty becomes apparent. A great show to help you springboard into the weekend.

Doors for this Friday's 8/6 O'Brien's show open at 8pm and tickets are $10 at the door and the show is 21+.

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