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Allston's Own Today Junior Set To Open For The Brian Jonestown Massacre at Royale on 9/19

Allston based indie surf trio Today Junior are gearing up for a huge show happening this coming Tuesday 9/19 when they grace the stage at Royale in Boston where they'll be opening for The Brian Jonestown Massacre. This is a massive step forward and leap up for the group, who have been a huge presence here on the site dating back a decade, and this show will put the band on a high pedestal for other concertgoers to discover for the first time, and for established veterans of the band to get their fix as well. What Mike and Harry O'Toole do so well is create their own unique brand of indie/psych surf rock that has a huge retro feel to it, complete with the Blockbuster video store style Today Junior logo that is present on their t-shirts, and Mike's love for vintage VHS tapes that shows their reluctance to give up on relics from the past that we used to keep us entertained way back when. I'm so proud of the boy and the huge steps forward they've taken to get to this point, and it's only the beginning for even bigger musical stepping stones moving forward.

For more info on Tuesday's show and to buy tickets, click on this link here and for more info on Today Junior, give them a 'Like' on Facebook here, follow the boys on Twitter at this perch here, see their pics on Instagram conveniently located over here, and check out their official website at this spot here for more info on the guys and everything going on in their world.

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