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Boston Based Alt-Rockers Mister Vertigo Return With Brand New Single "Indie Nerd Strikes Again"

Boston based alt-rock outfit Mister Vertigo make their long awaited return with their brand new single released just last week titled "Indie Nerd Strikes Again". The band consists of Jonathan Scanlon, Matthew Hajdys, Jon Carpenter, John Ducharme, Ryan Donovan, and Eryk Fairchild whom have crafted a melodic, reflective number that loads of Boston music fans will grow to appreciate and look back on, with references to long-gone radio stations WBCN and WFNX thrown in to make us gasp for the good old days. These guys have been featured numerous times before on the site, and I always appreciated their straight shooting style, and how impeccable their musicality is that allows them to stand out prominently on the musical pedestal. With the Boston music scene in flux due to the pandemic and venues closing left and right, Mister Vertigo give us a sign of hope and a glimmer of light that life will slowly and surely return to normal in the local music scene, and this track does its job of making us feel at comfort and ease.

To check out "Indie Nerd Strikes Again", it's available for streaming on Bandcamp at this perch here, and for more on Mister Vertigo please give them a 'Like' on Facebook here, follow them on Twitter right here, and see their faces on Instagram at this junction over here.

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