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Boston Based An Triangles Reveals New Single "Ridicule"

From right here in Boston comes the mellow indie vibe of An Triangles, who has released his latest single to the masses titled "Ridicule". The song hones in influences from the likes of Modest Mouse and Silver Jews to create a truly dynamic musical concoction that will have you listening over and over again to get the full depth and musical message that is embedded deep within just waiting for the listener to uncover. The project is the brainchild of Doug Poppe, and he's an extremely meticulous and focused musician who knows how to take incremental steps when it comes to making the tune sound absolutely perfect for the listener. I was very impressed with the quality and tonality of the song, and how it had different musical levels of sorts for the listener to see the steps that Doug took to get to where the song currently is. Having that dynamic, laser-like focus is what sets the great musicians apart from amongst the pack, and allows them to have a longer lasting career as a result. A very slow burning track that will definitely catch up with you in due time.

You can check out "Ridicule" now streaming on all major platforms and for more on An Triangles, please give him a 'Like' on Facebook located over here, see his pics on Instagram right here, and please visit his official website at this junction here for more in depth info surrounding him, including possible shows coming to the area relatively soon.

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