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Boston Based DKNTL Is Attempting To "Grow Up" On New Single

Boston native DKNTL has released his debut solo single to the world just last month titled "Grow Up". The effort is the brainchild of Christian DeKnatel, whom you might remember from Orson and The Rosebuds, and takes in the power-pop and indie rock elements from the aforementioned group and highlights Christian's upbeat personality that is infectious, and definitely seeps in to the audience who will grow to appreciate this track right from the start. I've had the opportunity of interviewing Christian twice for my podcast along with the rest of the band, and he's an incredible musician who knows how to keep things simple and in perspective for the audience, and what type of sound he wants to convey to his listeners. Released on Light of Day Records, this tune is guaranteed to start the new year off right, and keeps that unbridled optimism running high as we hit the proverbial reset button. A fantastic track that is definitely worthy of a test spin.

You can check out DKNTL's "Grow Up" now available on Bandcamp right here, and on all major streaming platforms as well. For more on DKNTL, please give him a follow on Instagram at this locale right here.

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