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Boston Based R&B/Dream Pop Starlet LAVAGXRL Doesn't "Fall So Far" on New Single

Boston's own up and coming R&B/dream pop songstress LAVAGXRL is getting ready to make her mark on listeners with her brand new single out right now called "Fall So Far". The song has a slow moving groove that burrows into your collective consciousness immediately upon impact, and she has a smooth voice that nails everything right firmly into place and doesn't release its grip for the duration of the track. What LAVAGXRL does great is paint the picture and set the scene for the listener as she expresses her feelings of alienation and loneliness as she strives to make her voice stand out immensely from all of the other extraneous noise present in the world today. Sophia really knows how to inject a sense of originality and thought provoking imagery that really get the listener involved, and feel what she is feeling as the song is playing. An emotionally potent track that strives to get you out of the doldrums right away.

The track is now up for your listening enjoyment on Spotify right here. For more info on LAVAGXRL, please seek her out on her Instagram feed, and search her official website for more in depth info surrounding her.

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