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Boston Indie Darlings Juniper Are Getting "Used To This" on Brand New Single

Boston indie trio Juniper are back with their brand new single out last week titled "Used To This". The song has a more downtempo tonality than their previous work, but it hints at some different experimentation from the group that we haven't been able to witness until just now. Frontman Scott Johnson's vocals get even deeper and more introspective, and you really feel the emotional resonance beckoning you immediately when that first note conjures that said emotion up. Drummer Alejandro Marin has a nice dexterity and balances the instrumentation out to provide that little extra kick. Newcomer David Sessions on guitar adds the core of the band's rich and harmonic sound that has affected so many people, including myself in a very uplifting way. I've had the opportunity to interview the band twice over the years with different members, and the more I talk to them the more I realize how much they're a part of my family. I've become so comfortable and familiar with them it's almost like second nature, and we know so much about each other and what we're like stylistically it really becomes gratifying to have such a close knit chemistry and tight relationship with them. A stunning track that you need to experience in full right now.

You can check out "Used To This" now streaming on all major providers and for more on Juniper, please give them a 'Like' on Facebook located over here, follow the boys on Twitter right here, and see their handsome pics and show updates over on their Instagram feed at this spot here.

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