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Boston Indie Rockers The Q-Tip Bandits Blossom To Life on New Single "Daisy"

Boston indie rockers The Q-Tip Bandits have a handle on something special with their brand new single that came out just a couple of weeks ago titled "Daisy". The song is a diverse, slowly building number with a nifty combo of trumpet and trombone sounds mixed in with the existing instrumentation to give a truly unique concoction that will have you replaying it over and over just to experience the sheer awesomeness all over again. The band consists of Leo Son on vocals and guitar, Claire Davis on vocals and bass, Hoyt Parquet on trombone, and Maclin Tucker on trumpet. The band formed back in 2018, and have been making a name for themselves both here locally and abroad in the UK, where they played a handful of shows there in the past. What this group do exceedingly well is keep themselves in the public consciousness, and stick to their own unique musical brand rather than borrow influences from others. All they need to do is build up their own unique musical fingerprint that is ready to be stamped all over the Boston area, and are a band that is fresh, effervescent, and have the ability to get people dancing out of their shoes and unable to stop the sheer fervor that the group have created in their wake. A marvelous new track that is worthy of exploring further.

You can check out "Daisy" now streaming on all major streaming carriers and for more on The Q-Tip Bandits, please give them a 'Like' on Facebook via this channel here, follow the collective on Twitter over here, see their beautiful faces on Instagram at this junction here, and please visit their official website right here for more in depth info on them, plus upcoming show dates coming to a venue near you.

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