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Boston Native Paul Yu Releases Hypnotizing New Instrumental LP "The Shape of Time"

Formerly residing in Boston but now based in Brooklyn, NY comes the indelible instrumental vibe of Paul Yu, who released his latest instrumental effort just a couple of months ago titled "The Shape of Time". The effort traverses throughout the musical collective consciousness, and seeks to find out the true style and shape of Paul's sound that has constantly been evolving over the last few years. Paul was previously featured here on the site several years ago, and I remarked that his music has a special, cohesive quality to it that set it apart from the others. This one is no different, and Paul has put a lot of effort, sweat, and tears into this project that fully represents the creative vision that he set out when he first started conceptualizing the record. The album has hypnotizing guitar licks, pounding drums, and other worldly elements that put this effort in a class of its own. Paul is a truly gifted, talented, and incredibly focused musician who puts his creative genius and mind into everything he creates. A truly incredible effort that is definitely worthy of diving head first into.

You can check out "The Shape of Time" now available on Bandcamp over here, and for more on Paul you can check out his official website conveniently located right here.

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