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Boston Noir-Pop Singer/Songwriter Matthew Connor Releases New Single "Lose This Number"

From right here in Boston comes the dark edged cinematic pop stylings of Matthew Connor, who has put out his brand new single just today titled "Lose This Number". The song has a ominous backdrop, but if you listen intently enough you'll fall for Matthew's deep and booming voice that echoes through all of the mellow instrumentation abound to create a truly relaxing and unique experience. I was a little unsure of his sound upon first listening, but gradually learned to understand it better as time went along. It has elements of Urge Overkill thrown in that give it that noir-pop feeling that will have you hitting 'Replay' to pick up on some elements that you missed. I'm really glad that I took a chance on this track as it's very different than what I normally listen to, and it shows off a new breed of singer-songwriter that has the ability to draw people in from all different musical backgrounds, and have them marvel over the talent that they're encountering. An impressive track that deserves a thorough listening.

You can check out "Lose This Number" now streaming on all major providers and for more on Matthew Connor, please give him a follow on Twitter over here, see his pics on his Instagram feed conveniently right here, and please visit his official website at this perch here for more in depth info, including shows coming to a venue near you relatively soon.

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