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Boston Pop-Punkers Start The Week Over Are Keeping Fans "Up Tonight" on Latest Single

Boston based pop-punkers Start The Week Over are back with a vengeance on their brand new single released just last week titled "Up Tonight". The song has a more melodic balance from their prior work, but still has that youthful exuberance attached to it that is indelible and impossible to ignore. The band consists of Bobby Gioiosa on vocals and guitar, Matt Wikstrom on guitar and keys, Stephen Dorris on drums, Cooper Gould on guitar, keys, and mandolin and Amanda Pasqualini on bass. I was blown away with the act when I saw them in concert back in July 2019, and I happen to be great friends with Matt whom I met from attending Northeastern hockey games a couple of years back. I was blown away by his talents right from the get-go, and he is a genius musician whose enthusiasm for music seeps through to the other members of the band, and really allows them to be better musicians and people than they realize. I grew up with pop-punk music during the Drive-Thru Records era in the early 00's which really helped me to get through and tolerate my high school years, and Start The Week Over are keeping that flag flying proudly and allowing people to revisit the joy, spirit, and enthusiasm of their youth that will always live on inside them, no matter how old they are. An incredible track that is definitely deserving of repeat plays.

To check out "Up Tonight" for yourself, it's available on all major streaming providers and for more on Start The Week Over, give them a 'Like' on Facebook from this spot here, follow them on Twitter over here, and see their pics on Instagram right here.

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