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Boston's Own An Triangles Returns With Low Key New Single "Mother On You"

Boston based indie singer-songwriter An Triangles is back with his brand new single out today titled "Mother on You". The song is a lo-fi delight with Doug's voice softly willowing in the breeze, and a bevy of mind blowing instrumentation that makes you stand there in amazement and wonder at how he is able to put together all this magic and wizardry right in front of you. You may remember An Triangles from the writeup I did on him a few months ago and his prior single "Ridicule", and I also had the opportunity of interviewing him as well on my podcast. An Triangles is the brainchild of Doug Poppe, and he is a truly gifted and talented individual who is just trying to be the best version of himself that he can be. There are elements of Elliott Smith and Silver Jews embedded on the surface, but Doug's original personality shines through brightly on this one and will leave you breathless at how meticulous Doug is at his craft. When I interviewed Doug at his place a few months ago, I was amazed at how laid-back, peaceful, and serene he was and how he makes everyone feel calm and at ease around him. An exceptional artist with even more potential forthcoming around the bend.

You can check out "Mother on You" now streaming on all major providers, and for more on An Triangles you can give him a 'Like' on his Facebook page right here, follow him on his Instagram feed conveniently located over here, and visit his official website at this spot here for more in depth info regarding him, including upcoming show dates as well.

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