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Boston's Own Erica Mantone Releases Debut EP "I May Have Asked For This"

Photo Credit: The Secret Bureau

Boston based noir Americana/roots artist Erica Mantone has just released her debut EP to the world titled "I May Have Asked For This". Her voice has a booming, vivacious dexterity to it that blossoms to life, and allows the instrumentation to kick off freely and work well in tandem with one another to create a truly unique musical mixture. I was blown away with Erica's abilities right form the start, and she seems to have a firm handle on the type of music she wants to play, and the musical message that she wants to convey to the audience also. Erica is gearing up for a show at The Burren in Somerville happening tomorrow, May 14 that you'll definitely want to make sure you're in attendance for as her musical power and might is even more apparent when you encounter it in person. She has a wonderful presence and a lovely perspective on life that comes across in her lyrics, and it's that brutal honesty you don't see much in music anymore that Erica has firmly demonstrated right here. A well constructed effort that you'll definitely find some comfort in.

You can check out "I May Have Asked For This" now streaming on all major platforms, and for more on Erica Mantone please give her a 'Like' on Facebook located via this channel here, follow her on Twitter at this locale here, see her pics on Instagram conveniently located right here, and please visit her official website at this spot here for all the latest up to the date info, including show dates happening at a venue near you.

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