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Boston's Own Girl With A Hawk "keep 'er lit" On New Album Out Today

Photo Credit: Kelly Davidson

Boston based Americana quintet Girl With A Hawk have blown the doors off with their brand new album out to the masses today titled "keep 'er lit". The group is fronted by Linda Viens and also includes Richard Lamphear, Daniel Coughlin, Nancy Delaney, and Dan Bernfeld. The album's title is taken from an old Irish expression meaning "do not stop", and that's exactly what the group are heeding to as they're amping up the musicality and veering into other musical territories that haven't explored before. Linda does a remarkable job of steering the ship, and keeping the group on the musical path that has been forged ahead. The group blur the lines between a host of different genres on this one, including new wave, Americana, and some pop sensibilities thrown in for good measure that makes this album one of the most anticipated and musically complementary. An exemplarary effort from a promising act that will be a prominent force in the local scene for some time to come.

You can check out "keep 'er lit" now up on the streaming provider of your choice and for more on Girl With A Hawk, give her a 'Like' on Facebook over here, and keep up to date with shows and other pertinent information on her Instagram feed directly located over here.

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