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Boston's Own Mister Vertigo Lets People Know "You Are Clearly The Reason Why" on Latest Single

Boston musical mainstays Mister Vertigo have released their brand new single and lyric video just a couple of weeks ago for their latest song titled "You Are Clearly The Reason Why". The song has a equal mix of heartfelt nostalgia and an easy going musicality that makes the song stand out immensely right from the start. The band consists of Jonathan Scanlon on lead vocals, Matthew Hajdys on rhythm guitars, John Ducharme on lead guitars & organ, Jon Shaw Carpenter on drums, Ryan Donovan on bass, Eryk Fairchild on piano, and A.J. Mogis on 12 string lead guitar. The guys have been featured on the site numerous times, and are very well known around the Boston music scene for their straight shooting musical style that is in very high demand these days. I've always appreciated Mister Vertigo immensely and what they bring to the table musically. With COVID restrictions loosening along with mask mandates and social distancing orders starting to be lifted, it's almost about time to get back to normal and start to look forward to attending local shows. Mister Vertigo definitely have that allure, charm, and charisma to bring everyone out of the doldrums. An incredible song that will turn that frown upside down.

To check out "You Are Clearly The Reason Why" for yourself, it's available on Bandcamp here and on all major streaming providers also. For more on Mister Vertigo, please give them a 'Like' on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and see their pics on Instagram.

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