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Cincinnati Based Indie Pop Trio Telehope Are Back With Their Brand New Single "I Believe In Me"

Cincinnati, OH based indie pop trio Telehope are back with their brand new single out to the masses today titled "I Believe In Me". The tune is a sonic delight full of vivacious rhythms and pleasant sounding melodies that will jump out at you immediately, and gets you involved almost instantaneously. The group consists of Adolph Goetz on vocals and guitar, Ben Malson on lead vocals and keyboard, and his brother Calvin on drums. I interviewed the fellas for my podcast a couple of years ago, and they were tremendous humans who have a deep appreciation for music and equally love their fans just as much who have stuck around all this time. I was really attracted to their demeanor which shines through greatly in their music, and really makes the group that much more attractive from a visual standpoint and makes their music that much more potent. They really know how to talk to people and communicate with them through the power of music, and there will be no shortage of people coming out of the woodwork to check out this outstanding tune.

You can check out "I Believe In Me" now streaming on all major music services, and for more on Telehope you can give them a 'Like on Facebook via this locale here, follow the boys on Twitter over here, see their beautiful faces on Instagram at this spot here, and please visit their official website at this junction here for more in depth info surrounding them, including show dates coming to an area near you this summer.

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