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CT Based Low Ceilings Wants You To Sit On The "Passenger Side" on New LP

Connecticut based Low Ceilings released their latest album last month that is worthy of you to check out called "Passenger Side". Their music is billed as folky indie rock with a prog twist, and has a refreshing, innovative perspective that definitely puts a little pep in your step, and makes you yearn for brighter days that lie just ahead. Fronted by Ben Mueller, the band got their start in the Boston area as they were formed at Emerson College, and it was from there that the group got off and running right away and learned to hone their craft in the process as well. I was really enthused with the music right from the start, and they have a strong musical syncopation that makes it impossible to ignore, and extremely welcoming in its ability to introduce you to their soundscapes and what matters most in their world. An incredibly enthralling, well constructed album that is definitely a shoe in and dark horse contender for album of the year in my opinion.

To check out "Passenger Side" for yourself, it's available on their Bandcamp site here as well as all major streaming platforms also. For more on Low Ceilings, please 'Like' them on Facebook here see their pics on Instagram here, and please visit their official website at this spot here to find out what they're all about.

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