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Georgia Based Jordan Rowe Finds The Light on New Single “God’s Gotta Be A Country Boy"

From down South in Adel, GA comes the return of Jordan Rowe with his brand new single out to the world today titled “God’s Gotta Be A Country Boy”. This song hits different than the other songs that Jordan has released prior, and it shows off his more spiritual side that will have a postive and uplifting impact on your life the moment you first listen to it. Jordan’s gleaming optimism and unwavering commitment to God are most evident when you first listen to it, and it aims to reach out to other listeners who may need some faith and wisdom with whatever they have going on in their life. I was deeply touched and moved when I first heard the song, and it gives Jordan some musical depth and clarity that sets Jordan apart immensely from his peers. I’ve been a big fan and supporter of Jordan’s music from the beginning, but this song is extra special and makes Jordan that much more musically potent and sends his message far and wide to everyone within his reach. A stunning and musically enriching track that you'll carve a special place in your heart for.

You can check out “God’s Gotta Be A Country Boy” now streaming on the music provider of your choice and for more on Jordan Rowe, please give him a ‘Like’ on Facebook here, follow him on Twitter here, check out his pics on Instagram at this locale here, and please visit his official website at this junction here for all the latest musical updates and shows coming to your area as well.

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