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Grand Rapids, MI Based Leland Blue Release Retro Tinged New Single "VCR"

From Grand Rapids, MI comes the delightful musical studs known as Leland Blue, who dropped their latest musical nugget this morning titled "VCR". The song contains an explosion of 80's inspired synth laden harmonies alongside a more modern rock mindset that makes perfect sense when you listen to it in its entirety. The group is a family affair, comprised of brothers Ben and Connor Robertson alongside their cousin Satchel. When you listen to them for the first time, you will definitely welcome them into your own family with open arms as they have a warm, inviting presence about them that makes them that much more musically attractive to the naked eye. What these guys do exceptionally well is they have that innate ability to take retro harmonies and make them musical relevant today that will have you falling head over heels for these gents. An outstanding track that will transform your world from black and white to color instantaneously.

You can listen to "VCR" now on all major streaming providers and for more on Leland Blue, please give them a 'Like' on Facebook here, and see their beautiful pics on Instagram conveniently located over here.

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