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Haverhill's Henry McIntyre Is "Starting Over" on Brand New Single Out Today

Emanating from Haverhill, MA comes the singer-songwriter stylings of Henry McIntyre, who has released his eagerly anticipated, brand new single to the world today titled "Starting Over". The song starts off with some acoustic guitar melodies, before the other instrumentation kicks in and the song reveals itself to be a multi-layered track that further accentuates Henry's beautiful and melodic vocal abilities that run on cruise control and do their own thing. This is Henry's first new material in 3 years since his 2019 full length debut "Box On The Ear" that established his individuality as an artist. Before that, Henry was a part of the local outfit Black Diamonds for nearly a decade that was a more heavier, abrasive type of music. After disbanding in 2017, Henry became more musically self-aware of who he is an artist and as a person, with his music becoming more influenced by Elliot Smith along with instantly relatable lyrics like "I'm a killer socialite, but I stayed inside" unlocking a treasure trove of musical potential. I've been best friends with Henry for a few years now, and to say that I'm a blown away by this track would be an understatement as it reveals his true emotional core, and I'm so fortunate and blessed to be surrounded by such a talented person. An outstanding track that kicks off the new year with a bang.

You can listen to "Starting Over" right now on all major streaming platforms and for more on Henry McIntyre, please give him a 'Like' on Facebook located right here, follow him on Twitter over here, check out his pics on Instagram conveniently located at this perch here, and please visit his official website at this spot here for all the latest updates.

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