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Haverhill's Own Henry McIntyre & Tyler Legare Set To Play Hometown Show @ Bradford Common on 7/7

Haverhill's own Henry McIntyre and Tyler Legare are set to play an outdoor show in their hometown at Bradford Common coming next Friday 7/7. The faces are no stranger to the site as they both have been featured numerous times with Henry going the solo route for the last couple of years after previously being part of the local outfit Black Diamonds for more than a decade going up until 2017. Tyler was part of the local band Fourshadow before settling into a role as Henry's drummer in his solo act. Now, the two have joined forces and have become a permanent duo and are ready to put fans on notice. Henry's style evokes the essence of Elliott Smith with his beautiful voice and lyrical prowess setting the tone and mood just right. Tyler has moved over from drums to guitar, and is much more comfortable in his own skin now having fully realized his own potential as a musician. It's been a joy and honor to see them grow over the years, and I'm so proud to call them my best friends and musical brothers.

The show at Bradford Common on July 7th goes from 6-8:15pm. Other acts included on the bill are David Stuart with Frankie Boy & The Blues Express headlining. For more info on Henry, head on over to his Facebook page located over here, check out his Instagram feed at this spot here, and please visit his official website at this locale here for more in depth info, including more show dates popping up this summer.

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