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Lawrence, KS Funk Wizards The Whips “Begin Again” on New Single Out Today

From the midwest in Lawrence, KS comes the funkified rhythms of The Whips, who have released a new single onto their listeners today titled “Begin Again”. The song has a more downtempo tonality, but still has that playful, sensual R&B from their prior work that makes you feel like dimming the lights low, and experiencing the music the way it was meant to be listened to with the special person in your life. I was floored the moment I heard this track, and I've been a huge believer of The Whips from the start as they’re a band that don’t take themselves too seriously at all. They’re a band that knows how to have fun and reciprocate the love they receive from their fans when performing on stage. The band consists of Max Indeveri, Miles Patterson, Quinn Cosgrove, and Max Cooper. When combined together, these boys are borderline unstoppable and can do absolutely anything when they put their minds to it. From Quinn’s sensual bass licks to Miles tremendous drum beats and Max’s heartwarming vocals, you’ll most certainly carve out a special place in your heart for these incredibly talented and good looking fellas.

You can check out "Begin Again” now up on the music streaming provider of your choice and for more on The Whips, give them a ‘Like’ on Facebook over at this spot here, see their pics on Instagram at this perch here, check out their YouTube channel over here, and please visit their official website at this junction here for all the latest show updates and exclusive content.

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