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Local Boston Collective Double Star Want You To "Say Something Now" on New EP

Local Boston pop-rock quintet Double Star released their latest EP to the masses just a few weeks ago titled "Say Something Now". The collection is a frolicking mixture of good natured tunes composed within an easy to love framework with indelible vocals and an easily constructed melodic framework that makes it easy to fall in love with upon first listen. The group consists of Haidee Janak on lead vocals, lead guitar, and trumpet, Leah Bakst on vocals, keys, and saxophone, David Kurimsky on guitar, Bill Ramsay on bass, and Matt Blum on drums. I was really impressed with my first encounter with Double Star, and I love their addition of the sax and trumpet within the framework to give it a ska like fragrance reminiscent of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones that you frankly don't see much of anymore. Haidee and the group approach things in a much different manner than the other bands in town, and that makes them stand out immensely from a live perspective where the true magic and essence of their sound takes shape. An incredible effort that is worthy of a first listen.

You can check out "Say Something Now" on all major streaming carriers and for more on Double Star please seek them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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