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Local Indie Rockers Aaron & The Lord Release Eerie Music Vid For "Lilydale"

Boston based indie rock collective Aaron & The Lord released their sleek new music video just last week titled "Lilydale". The black and white clip sees the band playing in an eerie setting that matches the mood of their music to a T, and opens up some eyes and ears of listeners who may not be familiar with the band just yet. The video was shot in my hometown of Medford, MA in an abandoned mental institution, and that adds to the ominous and haunting nature of the video that runs rampant throughout the song. The video was directed by Will Clafin, who is also a member of the band and is a creative visionary in his own right who set forth a brilliant backdrop for the song that adds a complexity to it that viewers will gravitate to almost instantaneously. A terrific vid that adds as a perfect atmosphere to the band's music.

For more on Aaron and The Lord, please give them a 'Like on Facebook at this locale here, follow them on Twitter over here, and see their pics on Instagram at this spot here where you can also get the latest on upcoming shows to your area relatively soon.

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