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Local Psychotronic Outfit Salem Wolves Creating Some "Hostile Music" on New Single

Photo Credit: Erin Patton

Based from right here in Boston comes the dynamic sounds of Salem Wolves, who have unleashed their latest single to the masses today titled "Hostile Music". It's the title track off their forthcoming EP, and the song's title is indicative of the fast and furious nature of the sound, which dabbles in the early 00's emo-rock pool to give the song some flare and pizazz that makes the song a fast mover, and one that is hard to handle immediately right out of the gate. You may be familiar with the gents as they've been featured on the site before which consists of Gray Bouchard on lead vocals and guitar, Don Schweihofer on drums and vocals, Justin Tisdale on bass, and Sam Valliere on guitar. I was blown away by the song from first listen, and grew to love the song even more after repeated listens and I'll think you feel exactly the same way too as they've have that dynamic pedigree that shows what happens when four brilliantly talented musicians come together to create a song that is entirely special in its own right, and has a life of its own to do as it pleases. An outstanding effort that has the potential to be one of the most enduring releases of the year.

You can check out "Hostile Music" right now on all major streaming music services and for more on Salem Wolves, please give them a 'Like' on Facebook over here, follow them on Twitter right here, see their pics on Instagram at this locale right here, and check out their official website at this perch here for more in depth info on the fellas.

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