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Maine Based Justin Emile Shapiro Releases Brand New Solo Foray "Wishcamper"

South Portland, ME based Justin Emile Shapiro has released a brand new solo effort just last week titled "Wishcamper". You may remember Justin from his prior bands Aloud and Batons just to name a few, and he is now making a charge into the solo arena with a collection of two songs that continues his musical odyssey that is a bold step forward for the ever talented and multi faceted musician. Justin's sound can best be described as indie-leaning, with a strong emphasis being put on Justin's vocal range that can navigate through the instrumentation with remarkable aplomb, and he definitely has that extra edge that suits him well and keeps the listener's attention span as well. I've featured Justin here on the site numerous times with his aforementioned bands, and I've always been amazed at how dedicated Justin is to his craft and how he keeps pursuing it with his busy family life and all. But Justin is determined to make it work, and it's just another notch up the musical ladder.

You can check out "Wishcamper" now available on his Bandcamp site right over here and on all major streaming providers as well. For more on Justin Emile Shapiro, please check out his Instagram feed over here for all the latest updates and please visit his official website right here for more in depth info surrounding him, including links to stream his music from all of his prior acts.

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