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MusicBoxPete's Bands of Summer 4th of July Edition

Another edition of MusicBoxPete's famed Bands of Summer shirtless photo special is upon us! With schools officially out of distance learning for the summer and everybody learning to adapt to social distancing, there's no shortage of topless bods to escape from reality and the game remains the same. This edition features musicians such as native Canadians Morgan Zwicker of Skeleton Club and Zakk Cozens of Shade, young TikTok musician Case Walker, up and coming singer-songwriter Carson Lueders, and a honorable, non-musical entry from pro skateboarder Heimana Reynolds. And without further ado, here are more entries for your viewing pleasure:

Morgan Zwicker (Skeleton Club)

We kick things off with Morgan Zwicker, drummer for the up and coming Montreal based indie act Skeleton Club. The guys have a frenetic, high energy sound to them that runs the gamut and goes all across the map, and definitely provides for an entertaining and thorough listen. One thing you might notice about drummers right off the bat is their frequency to get naked, most notably exhibited by Morgan in this steamy pic you see above. His fit bod and chiseled physique definitely receives plenty of attention and wanted looks in his general direction, and he wouldn't have it any other way.

Zakk Cozens (Shade)

We have another entry from another up and coming Canadian band, this one from Zakk Cozens of the Hamilton, Ontario based rock and roll outfit Shade. Musicians have been making the most out of this quarantine, finding different activities and ways to pass the time holed up with their band in isolation. This pic finds Zakk in his element, playing video games with his shirt off along with delectable mullet chops that just oozes pure sex appeal. Zakk is definitely not shy about letting it all hang out, and is proud to give fans something to gawk over during the hot summer months.

Case Walker

A smoldering hot entry coming in from TikTok star Case Walker. You may recognize Case from his role as Chase on the Comedy Central show The Other Two. His main claim to fame though is through TikTok, where his renditions of popular songs along with other entertaining videos have garnered him millions of views and fans. Another thing he has going for him are his insane good looks, and this pic from his Instagram feed shows him venturing out with his buddies to go hiking and escape from the quarantine. Case is pictured 2nd from the left along with his friends Cole Nutting (far left), Brandon Seymour (2nd from right), and Case's brother Cole (far right). Definitely a hefty dose of chiseled bodies that will have you swooning and wanting the guys all to yourselves.

Carson Lueders

Things are continuing to heat up, and this steamy pic from rising Spokane, WA based musician Carson Lueders will definitely add to the rising humidity. He's also currently burning up the music scene with his recent track "Young and Free" that showcases his soulful, R&B styled flare with a pop twist that will definitely excite and enthrall the hearts and minds of young music lovers. One thing that they're already clearly in love with is Carson himself, and this gorgeous pic of Carson taken from his Instagram page will most certainly hypnotize you and be very blessed and fortunate that you're witnessing such a beautiful sight right in front of you.

Heimana Reynolds

Closing out the special with a non-musical entry from pro skateboarder and Hawaii native Heimana Reynolds. Heimana has been making a name for himself on the Dew Tour standings, with his magnificent jumps, pristine style, and stunning upside down poses on top of ramps that have left fans mesmerized, and is part of the U.S. contingent of skateboarders who will be traveling to the Tokyo Olympics next year as skateboarding makes its official debut as a Olympic sport. Another thing he has going for him is his ridiculous good looks and ripped physique which is on proud display above. Heimana will surely be getting more fans thanks to his mellow Hawaiian demeanor, gorgeous looks, and impeccable skills shredding the pipes.

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