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NC Based Math Rockers Cloutchaser Gearing For Show at Deep Cuts on Wed. 7/19

North Carolina based math rock duo Cloutchaser are gearing up to play the Boston area for the first time at Deep Cuts in Medford this coming Wednesday, July 19. They're touring behind the release of their latest album "This Is Real Math Rock", and the two members have a dynamic live set that sees them flaying their beautiful long locks while shredding the guitar and pounding the drums in beautiful harmony and syncopation with one another. The duo consists of Brady Kennedy on drums and Cameron Price on guitar. While purely an instrumental act, The guys have an innate ability to market themselves and get their unique sound out to the masses. The duo know how to communicate effortlessly with the crowd through the power of their music and keep them intimately involved all the way throughout. Whatever comes their way, these handsome fellas know how to keep everything in check.

For more info on Wednesday's show and to buy tickets, click on the Eventbrite link right here. For more on Cloutchaser, give them a 'Like' on Facebook here, follow the boys on Twitter right here, see more of their gorgeous faces on Instagram at this spot here, and check out their Linktree over here for more links including to buy merch.

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