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Oklahoma Based Indie Duo Thrillhouse Releases Intriguing New Single "Lesser"

Oklahoma based musical duo Thrillhouse released their latest tune just last week titled "Lesser". The track is a straightforward indie track, but has some real bite to it with innovative melodic structures and pure and simple vocal patterns that really raise some eyebrows, and open up some earholes as well. Not much is known about the duo, so much so that their faces are covered up in their press photo as they're not fond of having their pictures taken which just adds to the allure of the group. For a band to be this mysterious you know that they have something special and unique embedded deep within them to create such a buzz and aura about them. I was a little puzzled and curious myself, but was able to find myself with these two talented gents who have a knack for crafting sonic gems that will keep you occupied during this unusually difficult time we're living in.

To check out "Lesser" for yourself, it's available on most major streaming carriers and for more on Thrillhouse, give them a 'Like' on Facebook here to stay connected with everything that is going on in their world.

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