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Seattle, WA's Benicio Bryant Ushers In The Summertime on New Single "Tangerine"

Based out of Seattle, WA comes the pop/R&B leaning stylings of Benicio Bryant, who has released his brand new single just the other day titled "Tangerine". The song is a tailor made, sonic laden paradise complete with Benicio's incredible and dynamic vocals pairing nicely with the mellow and layered production that is omnipresent throughout the track. I've been a fan of Benicio's music ever since I first saw him on "America's Got Talent", and was enthralled with his vocal abilities that he's able to display at the ripe young age of 16. I was lucky enough to interview him for my podcast just a couple of years ago and was amazed at the career trajectory that he was about to embark upon. I'm sure he had an inkling that he would be on the verge of becoming a big star, but I'm sure he never thought it would rise to this level. Benicio offers up something different to the musical table, and allows all of the attention to be put on his pure vocal abilities that appeals to listeners from all ages. An incredibly talented young age who is well positioned to become a dominating musical talent.

You can check out "Tangerine" available on all major streaming platforms, and for more on Benicio you can search him on Facebook, follow him on Twitter, and see his pics on his Instagram feed as well.

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