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Today Junior, Black Beach & Zip Tie Handcuffs Set To Headline Deep Cuts Next Sat. 5/20 in Medford

Today Junior, Black Beach, and Zip Tie Handcuffs are set to headline opening night of Deep Cuts in Medford next Saturday, 5/20. The bill is loaded with a plethora of local artists to usher in the grand opening of Medford's newest live music venue catered to the music scene, and seeks to get people in the door with it's amazing food and beer selections coupled along with the hottest local bands in town. The place is run by Ian McGregor, who is the co-founder and executive chef, and who is also the mastermind behind Eye Design, a promo company that books local shows in the area. I've had the opportunity and privilege of promoting some of his shows in the past on my site that he used to book at the now defunct Great Scott, and am honored that he chose to set up shop in my hometown which will have people coming out of the woodwork in the coming weeks with the slew of live shows that have already been booked at the venue. Definitely make it your mission to check out Deep Cuts, which aims to fill the void left by the closure of some of Boston's best music venues in the last few years.

For more info on next's Saturday's show and to buy tickets, head on over to this link here and for more info on Deep Cuts, head on over to their official website over here for all info on their upcoming shows.

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