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Top Songs of 2021

This past year was a tremendous year for music, with country music in particular dominating the outset of this year end rundown with Jordan Rowe's "Up To Something Country" topping this year's list. The Georgia native defines Southern hospitality with his down home Southern charm and God given talent that has made him such a outstanding artist and person. Troy Cartwright came into his own as an artist as well with 'Shine On Me" showcasing his heartfelt demeanor that has allowed him to grow and flourish even more as a musician. Local artists such as Jason Ebbs "Clementine", Juniper's "Daydream (Brake Lights)", and Faxi Moto's "Thoughtbox" brought these respective artists' tracks to the forefront and overall audience awareness. It is with great honor that I reveal this year's list of the Top 20 Songs of 2021:

  1. Jordan Rowe - Up To Something Country

  2. Troy Cartwright - Shine On Me

  3. Joshua Bassett - Lie Lie Lie

  4. Jordan Rowe - Good For Nothin'

  5. Jason Ebbs - Clementine

  6. Cassia - Right There

  7. Joshua Bassett- Telling Myself

  8. Pretoria - Expert

  9. Juniper - Daydream (Brake Lights)

  10. Skinny Limbs - Color of Morning

  11. Juniper - Angelina

  12. Delights - Utopia

  13. Faxi Moto - Thoughtbox

  14. Jordan Rowe - Can't In A Car

  15. Benicio Bryant - Tangerine

  16. Benicio Bryant - Sorry

  17. Today Junior - Summer Heat

  18. The Aubreys - Sand In My Bed

  19. Jordan Rowe - More Me

  20. Jordan Rowe f/ Ashland Craft - Who Needs You

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