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Top Songs of 2023

Wrapping up with my last post of 2023, my rundown of the top songs of the past year. It was truly a magical year for music, with a diverse and wide ranging assortment of tunes that captures the vast array of talent that is omnipresent both locally and beyond. Allston's Today Junior made their claim with ther indie/psych blend of "Sweet Little Nothings". New Hampshire's own Sneaky Miles bring warmth and comfort with their folk romp "Seasons", and Gatch funks things up completely on his dance inspired romp "Italian Leather". However, there was only one song that tops my list this year, and that belongs to Mike Sabath & The Moongirls "Who You Are". Peep my list below along with a link where you can also stream the full playlist directly on Apple Music:

  1. Mike Sabath & The Moongirls - Who You Are

  2. Joshua Bassett - She Said He Said She Said

  3. Gatch - Italian Leather

  4. Today Junior - Sweet Little Nothings

  5. Niall Horan - Heaven

  6. State Street - Ocean Blonde

  7. Jake Slaton - Fla

  8. Pretoria - Fat Chance

  9. Sneaky Miles - Seasons

  10. Henry McIntyre - Suburbs

  11. The Skinny Limbs - For So Long

  12. Tristan Lake Leabu - Blue Eyed Stranger

  13. The Royal Concept - All Day Long

  14. Troy Cartwright - Wild One

  15. Pretoria - As If

  16. Hippo Campus - Kick In The Teeth

  17. Jung Kook & Jack Harlow - 3D

  18. Pretoria - Hear You Talk

  19. Jack Harlow - They Don't Love It

  20. Dune Dogs - Higher Ground

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