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Utah Based Rock Outfit Spirit Machines Release Brand New EP "Cyberpunk: Endgame"

Utah based rock quartet Spirit Machines have unleashed upon listeners their scorching new EP "Cyberpunk:Endgame". It's a unique and novel concept that revolves around an online video game titled "Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty" and one of the band's songs "Candy Shell" was selected for inclusion in the game, and it fits in perfectly with the band's eerie and alluring mystique that will definitely leave you spellbound and wanting to know more about the group. The band does have a Boston connection as it features my good friend Dave Crespo who is an absolute tycoon and warhorse in his own right who has a musical canvas and smorgasbord like no other, and knows what works when it comes to putting together songs. They do periodically play around the area, and will be playing a New Years Eve show at The Jungle in Somerville later on in the year, but if you want to get a primer and head start until then it would be recommended to check out their music as they have something embedded within that warrants repeated listens.

For more on Secret Machines, give them a 'Like' on Facebook over here, follow them on Twitter right here, check out their Instagram feed at this spot here, and please check out their official website at this perch here for everything you need to know about the collective.

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