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Walpole, MA Based Prog Rock Trio Cloud Nine Release Debut LP "Fever Dream"

Walpole, MA based prog rock collective Cloud Nine have just released their debut album just last week titled "Fever Dream". The band's sound takes in elements as diverse such as arena rock and psych rock, and couples that with their already established sound into something that is truly diverse and representative of their musical influences. The group consists of Andrew Hazerjian, Dan Lemieux, and Mike Griffin. I found the group's sound to be particularly refreshing, and I liked at how they approached at creating and honing their sound and making sure that it hit at a different wavelength than some other local acts around the area. The guys are immensely talented, and they all each have a different background that allows them to be on the same wavelength creatively, and accomplish their musical mission in the long run. I have high hopes for these guys moving forward, and they're definitely going to be a band that are on the cusp of moving into the upper echelon of prominent local bands. A outstandingly talented collective that are most certainly worthy of taking a first listen to.

To check out "Fever Dream" for yourself, it's available on all major streaming carriers and for more on Cloud Nine, please give them a 'Like' on Facebook from this channel over here, see their mugs on Instagram located here, and please visit their official website at this spot here for more in depth info surrounding the guys.

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