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Waltham, MA Based Indie Fourpiece StrangeColorSky Releases Stunning New Single "Killjoy"

Based out of Waltham, MA comes the inventive indie sounds of StrangeColorSky, who have released their brand new single titled "Killjoy". The fourpiece create sonic harmonies and rapturous instrumentation that takes a hold of you almost immediately upon first listen, and drags you into their musical world that is a sonic heaven of delights unlike no other. The quartet consists of Dani, Brad, Jack, and AJ and while they have a bevy of classic rock influences embedded deep within their arsenal, their sound is entirely their own creation and relies upon the collective wisdom and sheer musical talents of everyone involved to create such a dynamic and stunning musical mixture that it's almost impossible to ignore and appreciate. I was really wowed from the start, and what they have going for them is the ability to adapt their sound to match any tempo or mood that gives listeners a strong impression about them that will keep them tuned in to everything that the band are putting out. An incredible up and coming act that is worthy of keeping a watchful eye and ear on in the future.

To check out their latest single "Killjoy", it's available on Bandcamp at this perch over here and for more on StrangeColorSky, please give them a 'Like' on Facebook at this junction here, follow them on Twitter here, and see their faces on Instagram located over here.

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