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Artist Spotlight: Citizen

Starting off your Tuesday and another week of Artist Spotlight with a band splitting its time between Southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio that goes by the name of Citizen. The band consists of Mat Kerekes on lead vocals, Nick Hamm on guitar, Jake Duhaime on drums, Ryland Oehlers on guitar, and Eric Hamm on bass. The band sound is an intense, youthful pop-punk dynamic with a heavy emphasis being put on melody to get a stranglehold on the listener right away and take them in right away to introduce their sound to a fanbase that has a veracious appetite for all things music. I thoroughly enjoyed my listening experience with these gentlemen, and really appreciated how they kept things on a level playing field with their intense guitar riffs and extremely well written lyrics being the highlights of a band that is well on their way to achieving a great deal of success around here and across the pond as well. A terrific upstart act that is definitely worthy of some plays in your iTunes library. Some songs to check out for yourself include "Young States" and "I Still Shut My Eyes".

For more info on Citizen, head on over to their Facebook page located right here and give it a 'Like' while you're over there. Follow the guys adventures on Twitter from over here and find out when the guys might be venturing through the Boston area sometime soon. Visit their official website here for more in depth information concerning the gentlemen, including links to purchase their music on iTunes and in CD and vinyl formats as well.

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