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Artist Spotlight: Twin Berlin


Artist Spotlight is back with a feature on Connecticut garage punkers Twin Berlin. The band consists of Matt Lopez on vocals and guitar, James Janocha on drums, and Sean O'Neil on bass. The band has a sloppy, grimy, down and dirty blend of rock that echoes the sounds of The Strokes, Ramones, and Nirvana all rolled into one with an unadulterated, take charge musical philosophy that has them blasting all of their musical energy on stage like nobody's business. I had the honor and privilege of seeing these guys for the first time this past Saturday at The Middle East Downstairs as a part of the Western Education album release show, and they totally blew me away with their high energy and enthusiasm that really drove fans wild and left me a firm believer soon afterwards. James's face melting, shirtless drumming energy powered the band to new heights and gives them an added advantage in this highly coveted New England scene. Some tracks for you to uncover from the lovely gents include "You're A Problem" and "RTBRFloat".

For more info on the guys in Twin Berlin, give them a 'Like' on Facebook over here and see what these guys have conjured on a musical scale for you. The band is on Twitter from this central locale here and find out when they'll be coming by the Boston area sometime for another concert appearance. Visit their official website right here for all the latest up to the minute information about the gentlemen, and check out their latest opus titled "Sleazebrain", now available on a pay as you wish format on Bandcamp right over here.

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