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Artist Spotlight: Sam Burchfield


Closing out the week of Artist Spotlight with a look at a Atlanta, GA based singer-songwriter by the name of Sam Burchfield. Sam has a tremendous voice with amazing melodies that blew me away and showed me how real and captivating his music is, without any frills whatsoever and just the sheer beauty of Sam himself to guide the compositions to new heights never before accomplished. He has some similarities to Ray LaMontagne and Phillip Phillips, but Sam has a unique and captivating charm that is totally of his original creation and is something to be treasured and admired from all over. Literally, one of the most beautiful and pure voices that I've ever covered in my 4 year history of the Artist Spotlight series, truly an outstanding talent that needs to be heard immediately! Some tracks for you to check out include his new one "Here Tonight".

For more info on Sam Burchfield, 'Like' him on Facebook right over here and become a part of his close knit musical family that is growing by the minute. He is on Twitter as well from right here and see when he may be stopping by your hometown in the not too distant future. Visit his official website here for more in depth information regarding Sam, and check out his latest EP titled "Where To Run" now available for purchase in physical and digital formats on Bandcamp conveniently parked right here.

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