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Brooklyn Natives Glass Elephant Release Newest Single "Toledo"


Brooklyn based indie rockers Glass Elephant have just put out their latest single called "Toledo". The song is a majestic, towering opus with wonderfully positioned instrumentation and lightly toned guitars that combine beautifully with the vocals at hand to create a aesthetically pleasing sonic wavelength that shows what happens when four musicians come together to create something so simple and organically composed. I enjoyed how the band didn't have to go over the top to create their music, and instead relied on a simple wavelength that really suits them best and influenced them to create the best music they can in a level of comfort that is great to see come together in its finished form.

To take a listen to "Toledo" for yourself, it's available for streaming on Soundcloud right here and for more on Glass Elephant, you can 'Like' them on Facebook right here and follow them on Twitter over here.

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