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Billerica's Currents Jumps All Over The Map In Terms Of Its Musical Offerings

Billerica's own Currents have arrived on the scene with their own unique blend of indie rock that is erratic in terms of its musical offerings. What's great about them is that their music can't be confined to one genre, and jumps all over the map in terms of what they offer to their listeners. One moment it's indie rock, the next is math rock and there is a little something to offer everyone here and satisfies the diverse musical desires of all parties involved to bring everyone together. I loved these guys mostly because I didn't understand their music, and was intensely curious on finding out more about these guys because they fit the mold of a band who has their own unique and individual identity.

For more on Currents, 'Like' them on Facebook over here and check out their music on their Bandcamp site right here.

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