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Weather Gearing Up For Show Tomorrow Night @ Great Scott w/ Covey, Alpenglow, and Babydriver

Based in Brooklyn but having some roots in Boston, the band formerly known as Friendly People will be playing their first show under the name of Weather tomorrow night at Great Scott to a star studded local lineup. The guys have a mellow, intricate blend of indie rock elements mixed in with a slight folk aesthetic that makes the guys jump off the musical page and into the warm and inviting musical audience that has gathered forth to hear them. Frontman Pat McCusker and keyboardist Colin Lee were in another band that I completely adored, Moss Points North and you can hear subtle nods to that band's sound within Weather as well. Pat is honestly one of the most refreshing and laid back human beings that I've encountered in recent memory and you can definitely feel his emotional presence throughout his music, plus the immense talents of everyone involved just add to the superb talent and musicality running rampant from within.

Other acts taking part in this special night will be Covey, Alpenglow, and Babydriver. The show gets underway at 9pm and you can buy your tickets in advance for a discounted price of $10 right over here. For more info on Weather, 'Like' them on Facebook right over here and follow their adventures on Twitter at this spot here.

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