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Quick Interview w/ Local Bostonians The Relevant Elephants

Guiding you into the Easter weekend with a quick chat with some very close friends of mine from the Boston area, The Relevant Elephants! These guys have been some of the most creative, energetic, and fun loving acts I've ever seen since I accidentally came across them while running to catch a train in Boston at the Downtown Crossing T stop. Zack and the boys were awesome enough to carve some time out of their schedule to sit down and play catch up as we see what the guys have been up to as of late including their weekly gig at the Blackstone Grill in Faneuil Hall, plus we get Zack's thoughts on having his shirtless bod being included with a host of others in my recent "Bands of Spring Break" photo special! Here is the transcript from our chat:

It's been awhile since we've last chatted, what have you guys been up to recently?

We got back to our residencies around the city at Blackstone and Green Dragon, and we finished recording our new EP, which will be out in a month or two. Our first song "A Yes or a No" was just released on Baeble music.

What have been some changes you made to the group since we last spoke?

Back in August we did have a change in our lineup after Taylor left the band. Since then we've been working with Drew Lucas, and things seemed to make a pretty smooth transition so far!

How has your sound evolved since when you first started up the band?

I wouldn't say the sound has changed too much, the only difference I really notice is that we aren't necessarily going for the big, grand sound with each song now. Being more laid back and stripped down is just fine too.

Recently, you guys have been working on some new material, what kind of sound can we expect this time around?

Definitely more of a relaxed, garage-pop vibe. If people out there like Weezer or Arctic Monkeys, they'll probably like what we have coming up.

You guys can be found performing at Blackstone Grill in Faneuil Hall on Friday nights, tell me about how you got this gig?

The chef found us playing on the subway and said the bar he works at needed some music. So we started playing there on Wednesdays and luckily they liked us and bumped us to Fridays!

What have been some memorable concerts you've performed over the last few years, including your subway shows and ones on the Common?

Since Drew joined it was probably the first show in New York that we played. We had a surprisingly good turnout, and just everything about that show was clicking for us.

For Zack, you were recently apart of my bands of Spring Break photo special, what did it feel like to show some skin?

I've never been afraid to do it before and I'd do it again. It gets hot when you're on stage, you know?

Besides music, the thing that we would find each of you guys doing in your spare time is...?

More than likely playing N64, we're particularly big fans of Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros.

When can we expect your new album to be released?

Aiming for May 2015

Lastly, what has being part of this band each meant to you musically?

To all of us, it's just been an excellent journey and we hope we can keep going with it. We've already had some great things happen like Colbert naming us, winning a region wide battle of the bands, being played on the radio in four continents, the list goes on! We've been really lucky so far; musically the way we work has allowed us to experiment, as much as we want to, with new material without fearing harsh judgment from the other guys. No bad ideas here.

Thanks once again to Zack and the boys for being so rad in taking some time out to do this interview! I had Zack on the podcast last year, and he was one of the most goofy, laid-back, and down to earth individuals that I've ever come across and he's usually the same way on stage rocking out with his pals and living out his musical dreams. Definitely check out the band tonight and every Friday at their weekly gig at the Blackstone Grill on Union St. in Boston right near Faneuil Hall. For more info on The Relevant Elephants, give them a well deserved 'Like' on Facebook right here and follow their travels on Twitter over at this spot here.

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