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Interview w/ Cordelia of Cordelia & The Buffalo

Have an interview ready for you from with Cordelia Vizcaino of Cordelia & The Buffalo. The band just played The Mid East Upstairs this past Friday, and it was a truly memorable experience for those in attendance. The show came coupled with outlandish garb, face paint, and a truly original and culturally rich sound that represents the origins of everyone in the group, and allows them to be musically harmonious and have a great deal of depth as well that will carry them a long way moving forward. Cordelia was nice enough to talk about the band's origins, where she sees the group in the years ahead, and their future plans along with what they're working on right now. Here is the transcript from our chat:

How did the name Cordelia & The Buffalo originate?

Well I had two separate projects called Cordelia and Buffalo, Cordelia was more of how I started, just a bluesy, piano thing. And then I started getting into sound design, and I experimented with Buffalo with what the side project was. It came to a point after four years of playing with different members, I wanted to consolidate the two. Buffalo is considered to be a sacred animal in Native American cultures, and I wanted my music to represent that, it comforts you and that's what it's all about.

How would you describe your sound to those who aren't familiar with you?

Tribal, organic, experimental, explosive, and colorful.

How did you meet all of the members of the group and did you all know each other beforehand?

Yes, so I started the band in 2011 when I came to Berklee, so I started soul searching and I met Yusuke at one of my classes at Berklee. And then one day, we shared the same rehearsal space and I asked if I could jam with them and taught them "Take It Up A Notch". It's one of those things where you have the same understanding of music, and he understood my vision. And I knew Dan from that same band, it was kind of like where the pieces came together for this festival in Monterey, Mexico and it became the sound we have now, so I'm really blessed to have found them.

Can you recall an experience where music had a deep and profound impact on you?

I remember the first song I heard from Queen was "Bohemian Rhapsody" and I was always so drawn at how that song was so big and is still a classic, it was way ahead of its time. That strong message really does affect people in a very specific way, music is like vibrations and to this day that song is, and I wish that someday people can say the same thing about our music.

Can you describe the recording process of your self-titled EP and how it all came together?

So basically the prcoess, I sat down at the piano, I came up with "Take It Up A Notch" when I was walking down the street. I was walking with the tempo in my head, and I grabbed the computer and started sequencing the arrangement and showed it to the band. And then we played it once or twice live, and I knew that we were ready for the recording.

How did it all come about for you and the members to utilize face paint in your onstage performance?

You know it's funny, cause I had huge stage fright as a kid, and it was quite ironic because it was kind of protection so I don't have to be that Cordelia, ok so I know who I am and at the same time I want to represent my heritage and it's more important for people to remember what they saw on stage, and to make them remember us in some way, and I love colors so it just kind of happened.

What kinds of things do you like to do in your spare time when not making music?

I love yoga, I'm a very anxious person and plus my mind is always going a thousand miles per hour so that really settles me down and clears my mind. I love cooking, reading novels, running, and I love to go bowling, so much fun!

What's coming up next for the band later this year, any more shows or new music we can expect to hear?

Yeah we're playing at Osheaga Music Festival soon with a bunch of other artists including Kendrick Lamar and Florence + The Machine, and we're very lucky to be a part of their lineup and the one I'm most excited about. We just had a recording session yesterday so the new EP is going to have 5 songs and I'm really excited and happy for what's coming up. Just to keep the momentum, I'm already writing more songs.

Lastly, how has being in this band shaped you personally?

It has really made more patient, cause I'm very anxious when I write songs and I'm almost compulsive about it and how can I make it better, and being in this band has made me more profesional about time management and being patient about success, and I really believe in this and it's really nice that people are responding to it and it has changed me as well cause it has taken away alot of my fears, it's not a sure thing that you're going to do well, you just have to believe 100 percent.

Thanks again to Cordelia for being so gracious in taking time out to do this interview! You definitely gain a better perspective and fresh understanding of what the band's makeup is like just hearing Cordelia talk about her experiences growing up, and how the individual member's upbringing contribute to such a rich and fruitful sound that you hear at the forefront. For more on Cordelia & The Buffalo, please 'Like' them on Facebook here and visit their official homepage over here.

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