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Take A Look At Boston's Converse Rubber Tracks Studio Opening Up on July 1st

Boston will be getting a Converse Rubber Tracks studio to call its own coming on July 1st! It's located right near North Station in downtown Boston, just steps away from the TD Garden and is the third permanent recording studio that Converse has set afoot. The studio is also directly attached to the brand spanking new world headquarters that Converse recently built in the Bean, and allows local area musicians to record brand new, quality music along with an array of producers and engineers at their disposal at absolutely no cost to them. This is a long in the making relationship between the city and Converse, as they've held pop-up shows at Q Division Studios in Somerville a couple of years back, plus a couple of Converse Rubber Tracks Live concerts held at The Sinclair including an epic one held back in April featuring The Replacements and Passion Pit. I've featured Converse Rubber Tracks associated artists' a couple of times in the past, most notably Abadabad and now Boston area artists won't have to jet over to Brooklyn to use the studio over there, they now have a free and high quality recording studio at their disposal to record tracks whenever they want to, and most importantly at no cost to them! A huge get for the city and the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship between the cIty and an esteemed and heritage sneaker brand like Converse.

For more info on Converse Rubber Tracks, please visit their official homepage right over here.

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