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Boston's Ryan Jennings Releases Music Vid For "Never Coming Back Again"

Boston based singer-songwriter Ryan Jennings has just put out his new music vid for the song "Never Coming Back Again" off his new EP 'Jennings Dynamite'. The song is a raw, poignant snapshot of a burgeoning talent who is in the midst of finding his true calling in life, and it comes abundantly clear after watching this clip at just how amazingly special and talented he truly is. If he looks a little bit familiar, that's because you remember him from his previous outlet Red Star Super Giant, and he really evokes a different breed of singer-songwriter that matches the emotional intensity and connection that he was striving for when he was in the studio putting these songs together. I've had the opportunity and prvilege of knowing him for a couple of years now, and after just having him on my podcast just about a month or so ago, I developed an ever stronger appreciation for him and the man he has become. His courage to forgo his previous career, and focus on anything and everything music related is a real inspiration for myself and countless others to follow his shining example.

For more on Ryan Jennings, please 'Like' him on Facebook right over here and follow on Twitter directly from here. You may check out "Jennings Dynamite" now on Soundcloud here and from a variety of other digital music outlets including iTunes.

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