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Quick Chat w/ Australia's Northlane

Presenting to you today an interview direct from the land Down Under in Sydney, Australia from hardcore sensations Northlane. These guys are currently making the rounds in support of their brand new album "Node", and are starting to make an impression on American listeners in search for their next hardcore sensation. Bassist Alex Milovic was nice enough to sit down and do a brief chat where we discussed the band's influences, what Australia's music scene is like, and the recording process behind their new LP. Here is the transcript from our talk:

What would you say is your biggest influence that is evident in your sound?

Our biggest influences as a band would have to be Karnivool, incubus and linkin park. These bands we grew up with definitely helped us shape our sound.

Tell us about what the music scene is like in Australia and what types of music and/or artists are most popular from that region?

The music scene in Australia is thriving at the moment, heavy metal is definitely becoming a more popular style of music with parkway drive being a very popular heavy metal band!

Take us behind the recording process of "Node" and what it was like for each of you to put it all together?

Recording Node surprisingly was a very relaxing process. Will Putney and his crew over at the machines shop in New Jersey are so easy to work with and great to be around.

Looking back, what are some of your favorite songs off the new LP that you're most proud of?

My favourite song off the new LP is actually the song node. I think it's the perfect representation of our new direction.

Lastly, how was being in this band allowed you guys to be closer?

When you spend so much time touring together, you bond and become closer naturally!

Thanks once again to Alex for taking some time out of his hectic schedule to do this interview. Northlane may be a band that are not on your musical radar yet, but definitely will be in due time if you're a fanatic of hardcore music. For more on Northlane, please 'Like' them on Facebook over here and follow their adventures on Twitter at this locale here.

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