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Quincy Based Punk Rockers Bundles Release Converse Rubber Tracks Vid For "Dead Reckoning"

Quincy based punk rockers Bundles have just released a brand new visual nugget for your musical enjoyment from their recent session at Converse Rubber Tracks studios in Boston. The vid is for the track "Dead Reckoning", and gives you a behind the scenes look at all the goings on behind this exquisite session shot in black and white that gives it an old school, stop motion feel to it. The guys were recently featured here on the site about a month or so ago, and I commented on how their punk sound is pure and unadulterated to the highest degree, and their style is one that we don't see around too often anymore. These guys are keeping the raw and unrelenting spirit of punk rock alive and well, and we hope to catch more of these visual glimpses of their progression in the not too distant future. The guys will be playing a show this Friday at Cusine En Locale on Highland Ave. in Somerville that you'll definitely want to reserve some space on your calendar for!

For more info on Bundles, 'Like' them on Facebook here and check out their tunes on Bandcamp at this spot here.

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